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Beyond Allied Health (1).png

Beyond Allied Health Services can support the following funding methods:


Self-managed NDIS

Third-party managed NDIS

Self-funded private 

Please note that we can't support agency-managed NDIS plans at this time.

Our Occupational Therapists can accept Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan's (formerly known as EPC Plans) and Medicare Autism Management Plans which entitle the client to a rebate from Medicare. Please discuss your eligibility for these plans with your GP/Paediatrician.



All services are charged at the hourly rate of $193.99 per hour.


Intervention, Assessment and Reports are charged based on the time spend providing support to your child.


Resources are determined based on the time required and will be quoted prior to manufacturing.


Travel time will be determined based on location of your session.


All fees and billing will be discussed prior to service provision.  

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