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Autism Therapy


Occupational Therapists work with people across their life span to help achieve what they WANT and NEED to do to improve their everyday quality of life. This may include support with self-care, sensory and emotional regulation, coordination, motor skills, routines, or any daily activity that is meaningful and important to you and your child.  

Therapy is offered in your child’s natural environment which could be home, school, kindergarten, and childcare settings as well as within the community.  


Our Occupational Therapists can help with:


Implementing effective daily routines  

Encouraging participation in everyday activities 

Development of play and social skills 

School readiness and transitions 

Attention and concentration 

Planning and organisation  

Confidence to access within the community such as catching public transport and shopping 

Emotional regulation and behavioural concerns 

Independence in self-care tasks such as dressing and toileting 

Sleep strategies and management 

Gross motor skills, including strength and coordination 

Fine motor skills, such as handwriting and shoe laces  


*Please note that it is a requirement that parents/caregivers play an active role in therapy, and therefore parents attendance is required for at least one session per term. 



Whether due to geographical distance, social distancing or preference, in certain instances we can facilitate Telehealth sessions. 


There may be various factors for you and your therapist to consider before determining whether a Telehealth consultation is appropriate, for example your child’s ability to engage in a video session and whether the therapy can adapt to being delivered remotely.

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